The bungalow has a footprint 105000 sq ft on the 2-acre site. The velocity of the wind on the site meant that the outdoor plants had to be chosen very carefully. Local bottle palms have done better than other species. It was very difficult to procure materials for the construction, so local stone was quarried for use up to the plinth level. Fly ash brick makes up the rest of the structures. There are no false ceilings, with the eco friendly roofing being insulated from extreme temperatures.

The furniture has been procured from Jodhpur, while the rugs are from Pushkar in Rajasthan. The lighting is a combination of coves, strips in the pelmet as well as lights which are incorporated in the fans.
The crafted home laid and based on the contour analysis of the site, with each plot studied and worked in a manner which utilizes its potential to the fullest.