Rehab centres are notoriously regimented, giving the impression of a sterile, high security facility from the entrance itself – hence carrying the potential of intimidating prospective patients and adding to stress levels. We wanted to move away from these negative associations by creating a spa-like ambience, invoking associations with nature through the design of this 5,50,000 sq.ft. space in Gujarat, India.

The various structures within the complex are laid out in a gently curving organic form to mimic the petals of a flower, an iconic symbol of freshness and wellbeing. Consequently, there are no harsh straight lines. 

The administration block (25,000 sq.ft.) sits in the centre of the “flower,” the pitched roof of its porch lunging 60 ft upwards, metaphorically reaching for the sky. The landscaping supports the soothing informal perception, with plants bearing fragrant flowers to fill the senses.

The entire concept is based on the notion of nature as a healing partner for drug and alcohol de-addiction. Maximising this therapeutic effect, a connection is established between the patient and the natural environment.